Little Salty Rope

Lobster Rope Swing, Solid Color, Handmade and Perfect for outdoor play

This is a handmade outdoor swing, Made from a durable fishing rope, commonly used by fishermen to tend lobster traps. Its perfect for outside use, fast drying, easy to clean, lightweight and will last for years!

The swing seat measures approximately 28 inches across and 8.5 inches deep and is pliable to "hug" the user and makes for a comfortable and secure feeling while swinging. There are no hard parts or edges like traditional plastic swings.

Each swing comes with two 16 Foot long handlines, one securely attached to each side of the swing with a splice. Splicing is a traditional technique for securing lines that has been used by mariners for generations.

Hanging Tips:
Swing handlines can simply be tied securely to a tree branch, or attached using hardware that can be found at any hardware store (Two heavy-duty eye bolts and two heavy duty S-hooks, one for each handline). The eye bolts will need to be screwed securely into a healthy/sturdy branch. Place one side of S-hook into the eye bolt and securely tie the handline onto the other side of each S-hook. This will need to be repeated twice. Handlines are cut and heat bonded to prevent fraying.

Rope wear will vary over time depending on its location, use, and hanging method. As with any playground equipment, always inspect for wear and tear before each use. We are not responsible for the maintenance of your rope swing or for any injury that results in the unlikely event of rope breakage. As with all children's products, adult supervision is required.

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