Little Salty Rope

31 x 18 Inch Lobster Rope Mat, Blue and Hunter Green

$59.95 $69.95

Measuring 31 x 18 and made from a durable polypropylene fishing rope, these beautiful doormats are handmade on the Coast of Maine. Easy to clean & vibrantly colored these doormats are designed to last for years! 


**We have decided to mark down select color combinations of our Lobster Rope Mats. We currently do not intend on offering these designs again, so make sure if you want one of these,  make sure you grab one (or more!) before they're gone! 

All of the discounted rope mats are pristine and in perfect condition, They are NOT second quality. The only reason for the discount is to move inventory and make room in our warehouse for our other designs. As a small business, running out of space is an issue we are working through. 

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